Feb 222017

I decided to take a tour through the Greater Sacramento listings and have narrowed it down to my top 5 favorite dream homes in the county:











This stunning estate in Granite Bay previously owned by Eddie Murphy.

View more at: Eddie Murphy Estate












A True Paradise in the heart of Fair Oaks

View more at: Fair Oaks Estate











A Modern Downtown Sacramento Beauty

View this home at: Downtown Sacramento Beauty











Sacramento’s Adorable Brick Tudor

View this home at: Adorable Brick Tudor

elk grove











Home Sweet Home in Elk Grove

View this home at: Elk Grove Home

Feb 152017


Do Your Research

Researching your community will only make things easier for you. Knowing where all the stores are and what’s around your house. What schools your kids may be going to. It’s important to know what to expect from your new community.

If you’re moving to the Greater Sacramento area visit my Area Info at www.MarkDRealty.com

Select Top Real Estate Agents

Selecting a top real estate agent who knows the area well will never disappoint. They know the economy, housing market, and all about the community you’re moving too. They’ll also be able to guide you in the right direction on how to make any home improvements.

Prepare for the Move

Plan ahead and start getting things ready before you’re moving date. Being organized makes moving so much more smoother and it’ll help you be able to keep track of your stuff. Also, hire movers so you don’t have to stress about the transportation.

Follow this checklist as soon as you get settled in your new home:

–          Register your vehicle

–          Register to vote

–          Register your children at school

–          Find/Visit your new doctors

–          Find a local bank

–          Update and contact insurance company info

–          Contact cable and internet companies

Feb 092017

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. However, you don’t have to feel pressured to make it special. How about enjoying a romantic staycation at your home this Valentine’s Day? Here are some tips to make your home absolutely the most romantic retreat you’ve ever been too.

Add lots of candles

Nothing screams romance more than sultry candles all throughout your home. Candles are cheap and easy to decorate with. Turn off the lights and make your home a glowing paradise.

Incorporate Flowers

There’s something about flowers that brings two people together. They’re pretty to look at and just add a beautiful touch to any room. Whether they’re petals or the whole flower, flowers will make the environment that much more special.

Make sure it smells good

Whether it be a candle or air freshener, make sure your home smells good because nothing kills romance more than a funky odor.

Add something that is just between the two of you

Make this Valentine’s Day unique and add a piece that shows just how much you know the other person. It could be their favorite dessert, wine, or movie. It’ll show how much you care.

Make Room for Sensual Massages

The perfect staycation is place to relax, and giving each other massages is the perfect way to do this. It also adds a level of closeness to each other. Therefore, make some room in your home for massages. There’s nothing better than getting a massage and not having to drive home.

Have Meals Prepared

The whole point of this holiday is to celebrate each other’s love. Get away from the daily grind and already have a delicious meal ready and prepared (not fast food). This way no one has to take their time away from each other to cook or clean.

Add extra blankets and pillows

Add extra blankets and pillows in the living room or bedroom, to provide a cozy place to snuggle up and watch a movie.

Make sure there are lots of snacks

Keep all of your favorite snacks on hand so you don’t have to venture out and run errands while enjoying each other’s company

Feb 022017

caliWhen people reference California, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Los Angeles or Hollywood. Where all the stars are. What people don’t know is that Northern California provides a sanctuary that only true residents know. The unique charm of mountains and rolling hills is where the San Francisco bay is only a few hours away and is the perfect place to call home. As a lifelong resident of Northern California, I want to rehash the true signs of how you know you’re from NorCal.

  1. You say the word “Hella”

This may be slang but it’s NorCal slang. In California, it’s a distinct trademark in our everyday language that will separate us from the rest of the crowd. Not even those in the bay area or Southern California say it. It is strictly a word of our own.

  1. Road Trips are a Monthly Thing

When you live in Northern California, road trips are just a part of life. With so many places to go only a few hours away, a weekend trip is as simple just packing and going. You have San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the mountains full of Redwoods, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Glass Beach, and even Southern California all within a day’s drive. There’s never a dull moment.

  1. It took a while to learn that the rest of the country isn’t as diverse as the region you live in

California is known for its laid back, easy going nature. Yet when you’re raised with this lifestyle, you tend to think of the rest of the country the same way. Therefore, it’s always a shock when you eventually realize that California is the most diverse state in the country.

  1. You Get annoyed when people stereotype you from So-Cal’s culture

No we don’t surf, we don’t know Denzel Washington, and we aren’t obsessed with tanning.

  1. You’ve Gone Wine Tasting at Napa Valley at least once in your lifetime

With Napa Valley and Amador County less than a few hours away, wine tasting is a regular event to those born and raised in Northern California. It’s almost a required initiation when turning 21.

  1. Hearing all the political buzz is normal

With all the Hollywood and entertainment buzz going on in Southern California, all the political buzz happens in Northern California. California’s founding fathers decided to settle down up North, therefore, driving past the capital is a perfectly normal thing to do.

  1. Folsom Prison always reminds you of Johnny Cash

Whenever you hear of Folsom Prison, you always think of Johnny Cash as he wrote one of his most famous songs about this Northern California prison.

  1. You’ve Gone to a Rivercats Game

A Rivercats game is a must if you’re from Northern California. Most of us have gone to at least one game in our lifetime.

  1. You know that the Best thing about Sacramento State is that Tom Hanks is an alumni

This in itself, makes you want to attend this school

  1. The State Fair is held every year, and yet you always go.

Because how can you not go see the animals and taste the best food ever?

Jan 302017


Don’t fumble on game night, make sure you have all the key things to make your party run smoothly and your home festive.


1.       Plenty of Super Bowl Decorations                                                             _______

2.       Coolers, buckets, or small tubs for drinks                                                _______

3.       Ice                                                                                                                    _______

4.       Beer                                                                                                                 _______

5.       Non-alcoholic Drinks                                                                                    _______

6.       Bottle Openers                                                                                              _______

7.       Food                                                                                                                _______

8.       Paper or plastic dishware and cutlery                                                       _______

9.       Serving platters and trays                                                                            _______

10.   Napkins                                                                                                            _______

11.   Seating                                                                                                             _______

 Learn more at www.MarkDRealty.com/blog


Jan 232017

living alone safely

You can never be too careful. Especially when living alone. Today, we gathered a few tips on what you can do to ensure that you’re living as safely as possible:

1.       Stay Conscious of Your Lights

Make sure that your lights have different schedules to make it appear that someone is there. For example, at night have some lights on all night that people can see from the front of your house or make sure you front porch light is turned off during the day.

2.       Use Technology

Motion sensors are a great way to keep strangers at bay. The last thing a burglar or creep wants is a spotlight on them as they approach your house.

3.       Always Lock Your Doors

Even if it’s just to check the mail or take out the trash. It only takes a second to slip into your home while your back is turned. Also, when lounging around at home make sure all doors are locked at all times.

4.       Set up a Security System – Or At Least Pretend Too

If you can afford a security system, then that would be best. However, faking it can work too. All it takes is a sign, sticker, or note on the gate stating that you’re secure or have a dog. Burglars are not as likely to target a home that has the possibility of a security system.

5.       Get to Know Your Neighbors

The more you get involved in their lives the more they’ll get involved in yours. And as a result, the more they’ll have your back and report it if they see suspicious activity.

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Jan 162017

interior design

A New Year brings new inspiration and now is the time to get to it! Along with all of your other New Year resolutions, don’t forget to give your home some TLC as well. Here are the trends predicted for 2017 that will make your home match the new you:

1.       The Color Green

Greenery has made it’s way into the 2017 must-have list for interior designers everywhere. This cheery color represents revitalization. Something that we can all use in this chaotic world we live in.

2.       Butterflies

Butterflies are making their way into homes more and more. A symbol of both grace and optimism, the butterfly isn’t solely for the children’s bedroom anymore.

3.       Mixed Patterns

As a trend seen in New York’s Fall Fashion Week of 2016, we will most likely see it appear more into the house and home arena. Especially, since fashion trends quite often tend to make their way into the décor scene.

4.       Faux Finishes

Since millennials are all about budget, you’ll often see it in their homes as well. Faux finishes from fur rugs to granite counter tops are on the rise and making their way into 2017.

5.       Appliances and Rooms That Fold Up

It’s all a part of the “small living” you often see across the web and social media platforms. In this day and age, less is more.

For more home décor and lifestyle ideas visit www.MarkDRealty.com/blog

Source: http://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/news/g3429/interior-design-trends-2017/

Jan 092017

Are you looking for a home with a pool? in Elk Grove? Well we may have the right home for you!

Homes pool

This is a snapshot of the homes in Elk Grove with a pool. With summer just around the corner it is a good time to start looking for that right home with a pool. There are many different features that pools can come with, so here is a brief list of things to consider when shopping for the home with a pool.

Welcome to the Most Educational Swimming Pool Blog in the Country!

What are the Best and Worst Types of Swimming Pools and Why?

Posted by Marcus Sheridan

describe the imageWell, you’re in the market for a swimming pool…Congratulations! Yes, I know, you may be thinking a pool is going to be a lot of work. But these days, it clearly doesn’t have to be, especially if you choose a few options that will make pool ownership much, much easier. In order to help you find the type of pool that will best suite your needs, here are some helpful tips:

Best Swimming Pool for Shape Customization:

This would go to vinyl liner or concrete inground pools. With the ability to get any shape or size you want, the possibilities are pretty endless if you have a flare for the dramatic. Although fiberglass pools come in many shapes, complete customization is not possible.

Best Swimming Pool for Low Maintenance and Longevity:

Fiberglass Pools take the cake on this one. Over the past 10 years, these pools have exploded around the country for good reason—they are extremely easy to take care of because of their surface and rarely require major work later in life (unlike concrete and vinyl liner).

Best Swimming Pool for Play:

Generally speaking, any pool that is in the 3’-5’ depth range is ideal for play. For example, most above ground pools are a uniform depth of 4’. Because some above grounds come in round shapes that are 18’, 21’, 24’, 27’, and 30’ in diameter—a massive play area can be achieved.

Worst Swimming Pool

If you’ve had your eyes open over the last 5 or so years there about a 100% chance you’ve seen these massive blue blobs in yards all over America. Heck, you may have even owned one yourself.

ugly walmart pool

Sadly, these set and fill pools not only are an eyesore, but their filter systems are extremely under powered, and thus cannot deal with the bather load that comes with so much water. This is why many people that buy this type of pool get so frustrated—they’re almost impossible to keep clean, vacuum, and prevent algae. Furthermore, they generally only last one season before having to be replaced.

Questions about any of the above mentioned pools? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below!

Tags: Concrete Pools, fiberglass swimming pools, Fiberglass Pools vs Vinyl Liner Pools

Jan 082017

california laws

The New Year doesn’t only bring a celebration with champagne or the start of your New Year resolutions. It also welcomes the new laws that will be taking place this year. Here is a list of the new Sacramento laws that will begin in 2017 stated by the Sacramento Bee:

1.       Mascot Names

As of January 1st, the Assembly Bill 30 gave public schools until 2017 to ditch a mascot now widely denounced as racist and insensitive to Native Americans: The Redskins.

2.       Welfare Payments

The repealing of a policy known as the “maximum family grant” that bars women who get pregnant while on welfare from drawing additional benefits has officially succeeded. As of Jan. 1, women in that situation can apply for benefits to cover the new child. They can also apply to cover children who are still minors and were previously excluded.

3.       Minimum Wage

California’s minimum wage rises to $10.50 per hour for businesses with 26 or more employees.

4.       Assault Weapons

Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135 sought to ban guns that circumvent a previously passed assault weapon law with reloading devices called “bullet buttons.”

5.       Park Names

Assembly Bill 2249 bars businesses who win state park concession contracts from trademarking names associated with the park

6.       Contractors

Senate Bill 465 compels the California Department of Industrial Relations and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to tell the Contractors State License Board when the state punishes wayward builders. The measure, watered down amid heavy lobbying from the building industry, also requires contractors to tell the licensing board about past convictions for felonies or other crimes that could affect their work

7.       Gun Loans

Assembly Bill 1511 outlaws most gun loans, though it makes exceptions for hunting guides and for a limited number of loans to family members. 

8.       Prostitution decriminalization

Senate Bill 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting minors for prostitution or loitering with intent

9.       Prostitution sentencing

Senate Bill 1129 removes mandatory minimum sentences for repeat prostitution offenders

10.   Sexual assault

Assembly Bill 2888 mandates a prison term for sexually assaulting people who are unconscious

11.   Rape sentencing

Senate Bill 813 eliminates the statute of limitations for rape cases, allowing prosecutors to bring charges no matter how much time has passed since the crime.

12.   Distracted driving

Assembly Bill 1785 limits motorists to simple actions on mounted phones.

13.   Car seats

Assembly Bill 53 requires that kids under the age of two be fastened into rear-facing child safety seats.

14.   Public financing

Senate Bill 1107 allows more local governments to set up public financing.

15.   Mail ballots

Senate Bill 450 Voters can now return mail ballots at any county elections office in the state, not just in the county that issued the ballot.

16.   Voter registration

Assembly Bill 1436 allows people to register to vote on Election Day, with county elections headquarters serving as registration hubs starting two weeks before Election Day.

17.   Epi-pens

Assembly Bill 1386 allows pharmacies to dispense the devices to colleges, private businesses and other venues that have a plan in place for using Epi-Pens.

18.   State travel

Assembly Bill 1887 state agencies cannot require employees to travel to states with laws on the books permitting “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender.”

19.   Asset forfeiture

Senate Bill 443 limits law enforcement seizing private property under a tactic known as “asset forfeiture.”

20.   Felons voting

Assembly Bill 2466 allows those convicted of low-level felonies the right to vote.

21.   Hot dogs

Assembly Bill 797 allows good Samaritans to liberate animals who are showing signs of distress, provided they can’t find the owner, out of a hot vehicle. However, they must call law enforcement first.

22.   Date rape drugs

Senate Bill 1182 allows prosecutors to pursue felony charges for people who possess drugs like ketamine, GHB and flunitrazepam and can be proven to have the intent to commit sexual assault.

23.   Ballot sharing

Assembly Bill 1494 allows in any event, in future elections you can snap pics of your filled-out ballot and post it wherever you like, free from government harassment.

24.    Right-to-try

Assembly Bill 1668 allows drug manufacturers to make available treatments that haven’t gone through the full Food and Drug Administration approval process.

Get ready for a New Year with new laws!

Source: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article121358433.html

Jan 072017

winter sanctuaryThe Holidays are over but the chill is still in the air. With winter officially starting a few weeks ago, it has been COLD lately. With temperatures down to freezing levels at night, and scattered rainstorms, this is the perfect time to hide-out in your home, cuddle up, and stay warm. Here are a few ways that you can make your home the absolute best winter sanctuary:

1.       Add A Touch of Winter Colors

You don’t have to add snowflakes and icicles among your décor to get a winter wonderland feel. The goal is to make your home cozy yet embracing the winter season. Try adding some throw pillows that boast winter colors such as teal, white, burgundy, or forest green. Scattering candles with these colors throughout is a good idea as well.

2.       Create a snowy feel without the snow

This is the complete opposite of tip number one. With this idea, you can eliminate all colors except white. Having only white blankets, pillows, and dishware will bring out the icy wintry look you’re aiming for.

3.       Use Your Fireplace

Nothing makes a room feel more cozy than a warm fire in your room. Also, if you are entertaining, this is the perfect way to gather everyone into one room to create an ambiance of closeness and peacefulness.

4.       Make Your House Smell Like Winter

Use potpourri or candles with scents associated with winter such as cinnamon or apples. You can also get even more creative and keep a bowl of pine needles in your bathroom. Touches such as these provides a warming environment associated with so many good memories.

5.       Add A Little Ice

Adding a touch of icy branches to your floral arrangements is a great way to make your room truly elegant. You can add these branches to any part of your home from the dining room table to a large vase sitting in your foyer. It’s a great way to bring the beautiful cold outdoor look into your home.

For more ideas visit www.MarkDRealty.com/Blog  

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Data maintained by MetroList® may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information has been provided by seller/other sources and has not been verified by broker. All measurements and all calculations of area (i.e., Sq Ft and Acreage) are approximate. All interested persons should independently verify the accuracy of all information. All real estate advertising placed by anyone through this service for real properties in the United States is subject to the US Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, as amended, which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status or national origin or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination." This service will not knowingly accept any advertisement for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hearby informed that all dwellings, under the jurisdiction of U.S. Federal regulations, advertised in this service are available on an equal opportunity basis.