Elk Grove Fit Fest!

Elk Grove FitFest

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​April 28, 2018
​9 am – 5 pm

Join the CSD and the City of Elk Grove at FitFest, a special event celebrating everything fitness.  Stroll through the Fitness Festival, bring the kids out for the free kids zone, watch athletes battle it out in the Elk Grove Gauntlet and have fun watching the little ones make their way through the Kid’s Warrior Challenge obstacle course.

Grab lunch or a snack and catch some entertainment. Free fun for all ages! Pre-registration is required for competitions (Kid’s Warrior Challenge and Elk Grove Gauntlet).

Join the Movement and come out to FitFest!

Fitness Competitions

Kids Warrior Challenge Logo

Kids Warrior Challenge Obstacle Course

Age 6-12
$25/participant (includes white t-shirt)

Register at a CSD Parks and Recreation office, call us at 916-405-5600, or register online  Opens a New Window..

Registration is limited to the first 225 children. Each participant gets one hour on an obstacle course. For details, visit the Kid Warrior Challenge page.

The Elk Grove Gauntlet Logo Opens a New Window.

Elk Grove Gauntlet Fitness Competition

Age 18+
$100/team (2 males or 2 females)

Teams of 2 males or 2 females can pre-register online.Opens a New Window.

Calling all athletes! Recruit a partner for this one-day fitness challenge. This competition will be open to Scaled (novice), Rx (Open), and Masters (40+). Come test your abilities in conditioning and strength. An award ceremony follows the competition and prizes are given in each category.


FitFest Sponsors

Become a FitFest Sponsor or Vendor or Volunteer

 The Elk Grove Fit Festival is being held at Elk Grove Park on April 28th.  This is a great event for the family. There are several competitions and lots of health information. Make sure to mark your calendar for this event.

Elk Grove Farmers Market- Old Town Elk Grove

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Farmers Market
There’s a new option to stock up on fresh local fruits and veggies. The City of Elk Grove and Living Smart Foundation, proudly announce the opening of the Old Town Elk Grove Farmers Market. This market offers locally grown produce, gourmet foods and snacks, entertainment, and special events. What’s more, a portion of all sales helps support the Living Smart Foundation, a non-profit that specializes in the education of youth and families in health, business, financial management, and life skills. Find out more about this farmers market and the foundation’s services at ILoveMyFarmersMarket.com.

Can’t make it on Sunday? The Farmers Market at Laguna Gateway Shopping Center (at Big Horn Blvd. and Laguna Blvd.) is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

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Shortline Lake in Elk Grove, CA: Home to Water Sports

Do you love water sports? Have you ever wondered where a great place to water ski is near Sacramento? Elk Grove is home to the notorious and widely known Shortline Lake.

Shortline Lake is a record setting tournament site, formerly built in 1982 in Elk Grove California. On 45 acres of land it is one of the best sites for skiing and water sports, and is home to five different home site’s on the land. Skiers participate in tournament’s that you can register for, and are throughout late June and September. These tournaments are prone to having loads of talented water skiers.

Shortline Lake has been home to hundreds of tournaments such as Nationals & National All Stars, Disabled Regionals, Disabled Nationals, Collegiate Regionals, USA water ski and AWSA Towboat tests. The first skier to touch the water ever was Will Bush. The vision of Shortline was the dream of couples Jim & Kathy Bristow, as well as Will and Elaine Bush.

Shortline is also home to Team Skiers, that have succeeded in the sport and find Elk Grove’s Shortline to be the prime location of their many successions. One of the many Skiers that come here to ski and drive as a team member is Elaine Bush. In the year of 2012, Elaine was offered multiple opportunities to drive in events and tournaments. She drove the Disabled Nationals at Shortline Lake as well as many other record breaking tournaments. One of her greatest achievements was driving Greg Badal in his new national men’s 4 record with 5 at 41’ off. She is also a resident of Shortline Lake, living on one of the five homes there. Shortline is also home to team skier Will Bush who is a record setter in multiple national championships, and who owns multiple water sports companies. His accomplishments are first place at the 2013 Western Regional Championships, Slalom – Men’s VI as well as setting the Western Regional Record – Men’s VI – “Best of the West” and Pacific Slalom Record- 2 at 39’ off. He is also known for being a Chief Driver for many events. He also hosts clinics and is very knowledgeable in skiing. Skiing veterans such as himself are known at Shortline, as Shortline lake is home to many known and talented athletes.

Ever wonder how to visit Shortline Lake or stay somewhere near there for a few days. There are multiple hotels and directions to and from the Sacramento National Airport as well as downtown Sacramento. It is about a 25 to 30-minute drive to Shortline Lake from the Sacramento Airport but well worth it when you can experience so much fun! Some of these hotels are the Hilton Garden Inn in Elk Grove as well as the Holiday Inn Express. Also, the Fairfield Inn which is owned by the Marriott. Whether you are going to ski or visiting this beautiful lake there are many opportunities to do so here in Elk Grove.

All in all, Elk Grove’s Shortline Lake is an adventure for anyone young or old looking to have some fun or learn something new and exciting. Skiing is also healthy for people as a hobby and a popular sports activity to many.

Top 5 Parks You’ll Want to Visit in Elk Grove

Photo by Patrick Storm

As kids and even adults we strive to have joy in playtime as well as adventures to keep our spirits alive. Elk Grove is known mainly for its variety and vast number of Parks throughout the City and is home to extremely beautiful environments. Here are a list of top 5 parks and why they are on their list

Miwok Park: With an enclosed toddler area, this park is perfect for some fun play time outside. Huge various playgrounds with tons of swings, a child’s dream. With shady spots for mom and dad, there is a jogging pathway and picnic tables to hang out at. Bathrooms aren’t too far, right by the play structures.

Morse Park: Home to the water works, this is a must! It’s basically a playground and a water park mixed together. Who wouldn’t want to go here? There’s a workout park, park for small kids, park for older kids, baseball field, skate park and a dog park. Stop by for the whole family to have a good time.

Derr-Okamoto Park: Great selection of activities, they have a play area for     2 – 5 year old’s and then another for 5 – 12 year old’s. Huge open grass area to play sports or just toss the ball around. Has a huge parking lot and a large shaded picnic area. With fun splash features you’ll want to check this out.

Betschart Park: Has a soccer ball field, and a huge play area. A bunch of the tables are covered by an awning, big enough for a birthday party or a special event. Extended greenbelt passes through to make it a great jogging destination that leads to other parks. Huge open area for the kids to run around and you to sit back and watch!

Horseshoe Park: With a fun waterpark for the kids, this makes it the perfect place for summer. With a basketball court, and tennis courts, there are countless activates to be played here. With multiple play structures and a horseshoe area it’s fun for everyone. There a little bit of everything here and it’s a blast!

There are limitless opportunities for fun at these parks. Almost every sport you can think of or imagine can take place at one of these parks. From waterparks to throwing birthday parties, these all have something in common. And it’s the happiness that kids feel when they get there. There are also many other parks in Elk Grove that offer so much fun for the all the family.


Nightlife in Elk Grove

With a billion different activities to do in a city, the night life in Elk Grove California holds the grand prize. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and fun adventures await the excited spirits in search of enjoyable times and memories.

Elk Grove is home to quality businesses that provide public entertainment and solitude for everyone. If you are looking for a place to go and relax, grab a drink, or just enjoy the environment, check out Babe’s Lounge. With live music venues a few nights a week and a great drink selection, you’ll feel right at home coming here to let loose or hang out with friends. Also dining on a budget? Deals and promotions are occasional yet creative a few days out of the year thanks to the owner and bartenders. Babe’s Lounge is known for its Customer service and its desirable atmosphere. In Elk Grove, it is the perfect place for your home away from home.

Babe’s Lounge isn’t the only food sensation in Elk Grove, Sage Mill, the American wine bar and small food plates galore, is just down the way. It’s food selection is as others would say amazing. Sage Mill is a customer favorite and widely known for its freshness and quality tasting food. The wine selection is excellent as well as your common soda or water served with great customer service. One thing people love about going here is the wine tasting selections, which are open until night time and the personable staff that make you feel welcomed. Businesses and people looking to throw an event and need food catering can also confide in Sage Mill as well, for their lunchboxes filled with hearty sandwich’s and their delicious portioned sides. Another great feeling to have is knowing that the Owner and Chef of this wonderful restaurant is the same owner of the popularly known Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove. Many people give way to positive word of mouth reviews and experiences and Sage Mill is no exception for your night out on the town!

A great place to have fun at in Elk Grove’s night scene is Bob’s Club. There is never a weak drink made here and it’s the hole in the wall treasure that you’d hope to find in any scenario. Known as being a biker bar, the friendly atmosphere is welcoming and as any would hope for the customer service is personable. The most important aspect of any place you go is that the experience satisfies you enough to remember it, and want to come back. Bob’s club is that place you hoped for. Another amazing thing about Bob’s is the inexpensive prices of drinks. Perfect place to go get drinks and chill solo or with friends for the night. You won’t be disappointed when you go to Bob’s Club.

All in all, Elk Grove’s night scene is abundant and full of life if you’re looking for bite to eat or a few drinks with friends or family. Finding something to do isn’t always easy but in Elk Grove get ready for fun and adventure.

Elk Grove Library, The Perfect Place to Work or Study

A peaceful and quiet place to get away is nice for people who enjoy reading and studying or just need to use a computer. This place located in Elk Grove is called The Sacramento Public Library.

The past 100 years, this library has seen a few different locations in Elk Grove and finally touched down on 8900 Elk Grove Blvd in 2008. Because this safe- haven is in downtown Elk Grove, it is easily open to anyone near or far and is completely free! Need a library card? You can get a card here and check out the variety of books. Because we know youll want to take them home, you can reserve them too. Some even check out Audio books which are used so that people can listen to an automated voice reading the book back to them, rather than reading it themselves. Well that’s not all the wonderful Library has to offer. Due to the donations made by the Genealogical Association of Sacramento some people can now find their family tree!

Now more than ever, everyone might just be a little curious as to who our great, great, great ancestors were, where they came from, or even just a little bit of information of how we got here without being charged for the information. The Libraries new collection of select Genealogical books and other materials are for study and use here during the working hours of the day for free. Not only can you search the rows and rows of historical books but you can use online sites with the libraries free access to Computers. Everyone, whether it is students, adults, children, or teens can use the popular sources and use of Wi-fi for a secure and better internet connection.

Although there are so many avenues and resources that the library provides, one of them really reaches out to a specific group of people that may or may not seek information. They are the Veterans, and here at the Sacramento Public Library in Elk Grove Veterans can come and get a multitude of information and help if they need it. The benefits and resources are things transitioning from military to civilian life, education and help for post dramatic stress disorders, finding jobs and Veterans benefits and support for families.

Access to these resources for all different kinds of people are essential and healthy for our communities and well beings. If you are interested in reading a new book, searching the web, or just writing an essay for that class you’re taking, come on by Elk Grove’s Sacramento Public Library!

Elk Grove Summer Events

Get out to Elk Grove this summer for some fun in the sun and some tunes in your ears. Elk Grove California is home to some of the most adventurous yet laid back environments around. If you’re out to have some fun enjoy a lovely evening at Elk Grove’s Free Friday night concerts which are happening every Friday this August in 2017!

There will be food, music, and fun for all ages as bands come together for the event to put on shows for everyone coming. This event every Friday is sponsored by the City of Elk Grove and popular supporters such as Mazda and Nissan just to name a few. Have kids? Bring them along with some cash and enjoy the concessions provided in this Hot Summer Night Concert Series. Not only will you have a blast, but this event is free! Yes, free! Bring yourself or family and friends because the Concert Series begins at 6:30pm and goes until 9:00pm. Whether you live in Elk Grove or are a local around the city you can catch this event at 3020 Renwick Avenue at the Laguna Town Hall in Elk Grove Ca.

Hot Summer Night Concert Series isn’t the only event you can catch in Elk Grove this summer. Located at 9080 Elk Grove Blvd the Elk Grove Fine Arts center is hosting some events this summer that all can enjoy. For example, if you appreciate or find art fascinating, starting on July 1st you can visit the First Saturday Art Reception from 11:00am to 4:00pm. This event is featuring two artists by the names of Steve Wilson and Katrina Ernst, who are local to Elk Grove. Steve Wilson is a wonderful Metal Sculptor as Katrina Ernst is a representational oil painter. Both will be present at the gallery to talk about their art and meet the people who come. This fantastic event is also free this summer and is going to continue through July 26th. Enjoy Live music by Gregg Matson, refreshments, and free parking. And just as if this event couldn’t get any better, also available to take part in is a Tile Fundraising Event that allows people at the gallery to be a part of the fun and Glaze a tile for installation on the Entrance of the Galleries walls. Better act fast, only one more wall to go with 4 walls already being finished.

Events such as these are fun, and enjoyable just for you and many people alike. Get out there this summer and experience what Elk Grove has to offer. Make sure to have a safe time if you’re traveling and keep the energy positive!

Adventures at Morse Park

We’ve all played at parks growing up. You’ve got your playground, your swing set, and hopefully lots of grass to go wild on. But what if there was a park that was much more than what you’d expect out of any other park you’ve visited. What if there was a park with a few dog parks, a lovely walk around view of nature, an outdoor standing waterpark?! And there’s much more where that came from.   

           It sounds like too much fun, and a dream come true. That sounds just like Morse Park in Elk Grove California. Google reviewers comment that this park “Is a beautiful park with plenty to keep you, your friends, and your family busy.” With its reputation for clean bathrooms, playgrounds for all ages, skate ramps, and delightful views of green nature and blue skies, you’ll be walking in and out of paradise once you’ve experienced Morse Park for yourself.

          Feeling up for a picnic? Enjoy the parks wide open spaces, places to sit and enjoy a meal, a birthday, or just a barbeque bash. Lounging around this delightful park isn’t the only fun you can come across, because sports is a commodity here. From basketball courts, to baseball and soccer fields, any kind of exercise you’re looking for can be found here! They also can have a blast at this park’s notorious water wonderland Just like when you point the hose up in the air and the water comes back down like rain. Pure fun, and a great time await you here. Stop on by and enjoy the adventures at Morse Park!